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Holly + Alan | Foster's Pavillion + Boston Odyssey Wedding Video

Posted by Jaime Wood on Tue, May 15, 2018 @ 07:38 AM

Boston Odyssey Wedding

Holly + Alan first met at work when Alan was the mentor in Holly's training class.  As a couple, they love to go out to eat, being outside and anything related to the water.....pools, beach, jet skis, etc.

Alan proposed in Stuart, FL. They went down there with his parents and Holly's daughter, Kyla. They all went to dinner and after dinner Alan and Holly went for a walk by themselves. They walked out on a boat dock and that's where he proposed.
Holly + Allen got married in Downtown Boston with their ceremony at Foster's Pavillion and reception on the Boston Odyssey.  It was a beautiful day full of laughter and love.  It was such an honor to share in the day with them.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime}


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Katelyn + Chris | The Barn at Gibbet Hill MA Wedding Videographer

Posted by Jaime Wood on Mon, May 07, 2018 @ 02:26 PM
Gibbet Hill wedding video

Katelyn + Chris met at work where Chris was a bartender and Katelyn a hostess.  The hostess desk was right next to the bar so they would chat while waiting for customers.  Katelyn + Chris are both active and enjoy being outdoors hiking, kayaking, and fishing together.  They also both love to go to breweries and try new craft beers.
Always a tech guy, it's no surprise that Chris utilized his skills to propose to Katelyn.  He works as a software engineer for a living and enjoys working with different gadgets and software at home.  Using virtual reality, he created his proposal.  Chris worked three days preparing a walkway of pictures through the years. When Katelyn had walked through the years of photos, and followed the instructions, it said "will you marry me?".  She took the head set off and Chris was down on one knee.
Katelyn + Chris got married at Gibbet Hill on a day full of laughter and love.  It was such an honor to share in their day.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime + Kevin}


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Alyshia + Chuck | Church Landing Meredith NH Wedding Video

Posted by Jaime Wood on Thu, May 03, 2018 @ 08:36 AM
Movie Trailer 010359;21

It all started in the beginning of 2011 when two of Alyshia + Chuck's closest friends decided to play matchmaker. After a couple of double dates to break the ice + one embarrassing night of bowling, the training wheels were off.  Refusing to wait for the weekend, Chuck decided to ask Alyshia out on a Wednesday. They headed downtown for some conversation over drinks. Once the necessary, “get to know each other”, dialogue ran its course, the butterflies disappeared and real date began. Before they knew it, last-call would interrupt the night. They both decided to continue the conversation back at Alyshia’s place.
While talking in her driveway, Chuck felt pretty confident that he could sneak in a kiss.  Chuck leaned over and hit the mark! Alyshia must have been blown away, or something along those lines, because there was no reaction. Let's just say, she was at a loss for words.  Instead of tucking tail and running away, Chuck decided not to give up and Alyshia invited him inside. For the next few hours, they stayed up talking; completely forgetting that work existed in the morning. The lack of sleep made it all worthwhile.  Many awkward kisses later, they became inseparable.
When Chuck prosposed, they had recently bought a house in Auburn but felt something was missing.
Even with the helping hands of friends + family, moving day was exhausting. Night hit and the final task was to build a bed frame around the mattress. Once the dust settled, they fell back into bed and stared at an empty bedroom. Hoping for some peace and quiet, Alyshia remained awake to the sound of Chuck’s babbling. She soon realized why he was acting so strange and began to liven up. Still in bed, Chuck whipped out a ring he hid behind a pillow + popped the big question.
Alyshia + Chuck got married at Church Landing in Meredith NH, surrounded by the most important people in their lives.  It was such an honor to share in their day.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime, Iris + Kevin}


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Rachael + Bryn | Falmouth MA Cape Cod Wedding Videography

Posted by Jaime Wood on Mon, Apr 30, 2018 @ 11:04 AM
Falmouth MA Cape Cod Beach Wedding

Rachael + Bryn met through mutual friends and after their first date they were inseparable.  As a couple, they like to discover new vineyards and go wine tasting.  They also enjoy shopping, going out to dinner, vacationing , spending time with friends + family, going to the movies, ice skating, and spending time with their dogs.

When Bryn proposed, it was on their second year anniversary and they went to their favorite spot on Cape Cod to celebrate.  Unbeknownst to Rachael, Bryn had invited friends and family to the same location to witness his proposal to her. When they arrived, they walked down to the water and Rachael was surprised to see all of her family standing there with a rose petal heart in the sand next to them. Bryn handed Rachael her "anniversary" gift in a large bag. It was a handmade scrapbook of all their memories together. As Rachael flipped to the last page, it said "Will you marry me?" Bryn dropped to his knee and asked Rachael to marry him. Rachael said "Yes of course!" already crying.
Rachael + Bryn got married at a private estate on the shores of Falmouth MA at a private estate surrounded by the most important people in their lives.  It was such an honor to share in their day.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime}



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Jennifer + Juan | Wentworth by the Sea Hotel | NH Wedding Videographer

Posted by Jaime Wood on Thu, Apr 26, 2018 @ 03:19 PM

Jennifer + Juan first met at Jennifer's work.  She works as an esthetician and gave Juan a facial.  They had their first date a few days later over Halloween weekend and the rest is history!  Jennifer + Juan are very active.  They have 2 Great Danes so they enjoy taking them to a park or the beach.  They also enjoy a good meal in the city, working out together and in the summer going for a run along the Charles river.
When Juan proposed, he presented Jennifer with 5 gifts - 1 for each year they had been together.  With each gift he had a story and reason for his pick.  All were pieces of jewelry.  The first were earrings, the second a bracelet, the third a necklace, and fourth the engagement ring.  The 5th gift was the wedding band to represent the future.

Jennifer + Juan got married on a beautiful April day at The Wentworth by the Sea HotelIt was such an honor to share in their day.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime, Matt + Mike}



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