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Mikelle & Kyle - Dexter's Inn Sunapee, NH - Wedding Photography


Mikelle & Kyle were married at one of the most scenic venues we have been to in a while Dexter's Inn, Sunapee, NH.  It was also a crazy weather day in which it started out hot and muggy then ended with some pretty sizable thunderstorms.

bride and groom

This place had it all from spacious rooms and cabins for bridal preparation to an awesome ceremony location with amazing views of the mountains and a tent to host the reception.

wedding ceremony

The original plan was for Mikelle & Kyle to see each other for the first time as Mikelle walked down the isle, but after reflecting on the weather situaiton (and realizing there was a 75% chance of rain at the start of the ceremony) the decision was made to do a first reveal and get the pictures done before the rain came.  It would later turn out to be a great decision.

So we started with bridal preparations and getting detail shots of the dress, shoes, jewlery and it lead to some nice candid moments as things were unfolding.  

wedding dressbride getting ready

The first reveal was done close to the ceremony spot for some great background pics.  Even though it was bright and sunny that would later change quickly.

bride and groombride and groombride and groom

Here are some of the images we took as we walked around the grounds.  One of the places we were able to get some amazing images was by this little church located on the property in the woods a little bit.

bride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groom

The rain held off and the ceremony was intimate and featured some readings along with a winebox ceremony.  This is where the bride and groom write notes to each other ahead of the ceremony and seal them with a bottle of wine to be opened 1 year later (some couples can go even further such as 5 years)

wedding ceremonybride and groomwedding ceremonywedding ceremony

We were able to get all the family photos and bridal photos in just ahead of the reception...then the heavens opened up.

bridal partybride and groom

The reception included the introductions, first dance, toasts, cake cutting and parent dances.  Mikelle and Kyle commissioned artist Alison Vernon to paint a scene within the first dance which was such a neat idea and I highly recommend it.  Beyond that Sean Reardon from Get Down Tonight Entertainment had everyone dancing throughout the day and the head of Dexter's Inn, John did a great job keeping things organized throughout the day.  We wish Mikelle and Kyle all the best and happiness they can have as a married couple!

first dance bride and groomfirst dance bride and groomwedding cakebride and groomparent dancesparent dancebride dancing

Tammy & Chris - Common Man Inn - Wedding Photography


Tammy & Chris were married on a humid Sunday at a unique venue in Plymouth, NH called The Common Man Inn.  The reason why I say its unique is that one of the ceremony location options is in an actual greenhouse which gave it a really nice intimate feel for the ceremony.  There are also miles of railroad tracks which make for some great backdrop for pictures.

bride and groom

We started off by photographing bridal preparations.  During this time we usually get detail shots of the dress, shoes, jewlery which we did, but there was one twist.  Tammy is a big time runner who has done marathons and half marathons and in fact Tammy and I ran the Dopey Challange at Disney last January which was a 48.6 mile race over 4 days (in case your curious its a 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon).  So Tammy's shoes were actually custom running shoes that said "run disney"on the side. 

wedding ringswedding running shoesbride getting readybride getting readybride getting readybride getting ready

So everyone got ready in a building they call cabin in the woods which all the bridesmaids and the adorable flower girl got ready.  At the very end of the preperation Tammy walked downstairs and we had her dad close his eyes until she reached the bottom of the stairs for some very sweet reactions.

bride getting readybride getting readygroom with groomsmengroom talking with family

One of the greatest things we love to capture is the grooms look as he sees his bride walking down the isle for the first time, but in this case the grooms mom had a pretty solid look as well! The ceremony was traditional with one extra part in which Tammy & Chris exchanged roses and then gave them to their mothers :)  

flower girl walking down islegroom looking at bridemom looking at bridedad and bride walking down isledad shaking grooms handwedding ceremonywedding ceremonywedding ceremonywedding ceremony

After the ceremony the pictures flowed and here are some of what we were able to get.

bride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groom

The reception featured introductions, first dance, parent dances, cake cutting (cake was fromOoo La La Creative Cakes) and dancing...Megan from Main Event Entertainment had everyone dancing all night long and they provided the photo booth as well.  Stephanie & Megan from the Inn did a great job in getting everything in order so all in all it was a great day...oh and the rain held off...bonus!  We wish the happy couple all the very best in life!

wedding cakefirst dancedancingwedding sign

Ashley + Ryan | Church Landing, Meredith | New Hampshire Wedding Video


I can't emphasize enough how important it is to take the time to write your own vows.  They can be as long, or as short as you'd like.  They can be funny, emotional and loving.  They are unique and personal and make your wedding ceremony completely yours.  It certainly helps your wedding video too.  ;-)

Ashley + Ryan got married at the always lovely Church Landing in Meredith, NH.  Just a few details: Ashley arrived by boat (dont' you all want to do that now?!??), they wrote their own vows and had a fantastic choreographed first dance.  Every little detail was perfection and I can't thank Ashley + Ryan enough for allowing me to capture their day.  We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!  Here's their Sneak Peek.

Wedding Location: Church Landing
DJ: Get Down Tonight Entertainment
Flowers: Lakes Region Floral

Stephanie & Pat - Harris Pelham Inn - Wedding Photography


Stephanie & Pat were married at a venue in which multiple generations of couples have been married, The Harris Pelham Inn, Pelham, NH.

bride and groomharris pelham inn

Before arriving at the Inn we started with bridal prepartion of which we did the traditional details of the dress, shoes jewlery, flowers and more.  Pat (our groom) had flowers delivered to Stephanie along with a bag of rolos which happen to be her favorite candy and a note to go along with it.  We also did a first reveal with her dad which turned out to be a touching moment.

bride getting readybride getting readybride getting readybride reading notedad first revealdad first revealdad first reveal

Making our way to the Inn Stephanie chose Grace Limousine for transportation and had a nice stretch car to go in.  The weather was good enough for an outdoor ceremony that included of course close friends and family.  Stephanie's uncle officiated over the ceremony which featured hand written vows.

bride walking down the islegroom looking at bridewedding ceremonywedding ceremonywedding ceremony

After the ceremony we took some pics of are a few.

bridal partybride and groombride and groom 

As we entered the reception area, time was of the essence.  Literally.  There were clocks on each table along with flowers.  They also gave out coasters with unique designs on them for favors. Other memorable moments included Stephanie doing a choreographed dance with her dad...and Rhonda the senior wedding coordinator at The Harris Pelham had everything running on schedule and did a great job.  We want to wish Stephanie & Pat all the happiness in the world!

wedding detailscenterpieceswedding cake father daughter dancemother son dance

Nicole & Naum - Mile Away - Wedding Photography


Nicole & Naum were married at a beautiful venue in Milford, NH called The Mile Away.  Not only do they have a great place to get married but they also have a wonderful restaurant to boot :)

bride and groommile-a-way

We started with bridal preparations at the Crowne Plaza, Nashua, NH.  Although Nicole has some family in NH many of the grooms family and friends came in from LA and were experiencing New England for the first time :)  As we were going through doing the details shots of the rings we noticed that Naum had an amazing looking ring made partly out of wood...I have to say that I really liked the look!

wedding ringsbride getting readybride getting ready

After preparation it was of to the Mile Away.  Its a very cool eclectic place with modern facilities and rustic charm...they had all kinds of funky mirrors around and that made for some nice pictures later on.

wedding venueplace card tablebride in mirror

The ceremony was sweet as the reverend described what each one of them loved about the other. Since the reverend did all the readings it left more time for pictures of the family and our bride and groom. What was refreshing and unique about this wedding is there was no bridal party.

wedding ceremonywedding ceremony

Some of the images we took after the wedding:

bride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groom

As the reception began Nicole and Naum had their first dance which Naum seemed to really take in the moment.  DJ Dave Lynch had everyone dancing away and Sandy from the Mile-A-Way did a great job making sure the day ran smoothly.  We want to wish Nicole & Naum all the happiness now and in the future!

bride and groom dancingparents of groombride and groom

Ashley & Alex - Mount Washington Hotel - Wedding Photography


Ashley & Alex were married at one of the most We historic venues in New Hampshire, The Omni Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH.  This wedding had a little bit of everything. Spacious rooms to get ready, an outdoor ceremony area with killer views and a grand ball room that had a nice balance between the historic charm and modern ammenities.  

omni mount washington hotel

We started out with bridal preparation.  Duirng that time Ashley gave out her bridesmaids gifts and gave a little speech about how much each one of them has meant to her. What I really like about these moments is that you really get a chance to know the people you are working with...what kind of character they have and what kind of special moments they have shared.

wedding dressbridesmaids bride

The ceremony on the Jewel Terrance was officiated by Ashley's mom and I have to say for one of her first weddings she did a terrific job.  As part of their unity celebration they added soil to a potted tree to be placed after the ceremony..  After the "I do's" they skipped back up the isle and onto the pictures we went.

ceremony locationceremony locationwedding ceremonybride walking down islegroom looking at bride first kisswedding ceremony

Just take a look at some of this scenery.  We also did some fun shots with the bridal party.

groomsmen jumpingbridal party bridal partybride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groom

Barb, the Omni's senior wedding planner did a great job keeping things going throughout the night and DJ Chad from Get Down Tonight Entertainment had everyone rocking the whole night.


As it was getting dusky out the supermoon was making an appearance so we got some cool shots with the moon and the lit up clouds at sunset.

bride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groom

We want to wish Ashley and Alex all the happiness as they begin their married lives together!

Megan & Ben - LaBelle Winery - Wedding Photography


Megan & Ben were married on a warm Saturday afternoon at a relatively new venue for us LaBelle Winery in Amherst, NH.  LaBelle has it all, great locations for onsite ceremonies, scenic vistas for photo and video and a modern elegant reception area...oh and plenty of wine :)

bride and groomwedding detailswedding ceremony

We covered the day from bridal preparations through the reception.  As has been the case for the last several weddings we did a first reveal with dad which was very touching and sweet.  The preparations were relaxed and fun.


wedding dressshoes and dressbride getting dressed bride with bridal partybride with bridal partyfather first revealfather first reveal

Megan & Ben has some very nice details at their wedding that went along with the coming together of families from the wine theme to the leaf signature board.  The ceremony was officiated by one of their friends who did a terrific job.  During the ceremony they did a winebox ceremony of which a bottle of wine is placed to be open by the couple on a specific anniversary.

wedding detailswedding detailswedding ceremonywedding ceremonywedding ceremony

We had fun taking advantage of such great scenery for the pictures as you can see below. 

bride and groombride and groombride and groomdescribe the image


And some details of how the tables were set up :)

wedding reception

Amy & Mackenzie from LaBelle did a great job of organizing and making sure the day ran smoothily...congrats to our couple and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!

bride and groom dancingbride and groom dancingwedding dancing

Jenna & Andy - Atkinson Country Club - Wedding Photography


Jenna & Andy were married on a Friday at one of the nicest venues you can have, The Atkinson Country Club, Atkinson, NH.  We covered the very end of the bridal preparation through a majority of the reception.

Atkinson Country Clubbride getting ready

As soon as Jenna was ready we did a first look with her wasn't originally on the plan, but we had a little extra time and both Jenna our bride and her dad wanted to you can see from the images there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

first reveal with dadFirst reveal with dadfirst reveal with dad

The ceremony was by the gazebo and we love that area because its set up for the guests to be above the ceremony spot for a better vantage point.  

venue set upgroom looking at bridebride walking down the islebride and groom at alterparents reaction in ceremonygroom with bride at alterbride and groom listening to readingbride emotional during vowsbride and groom at alter

After the ceremony we got images of the family, bridal party and our bride and are a few from the bride and groom both during the day and at night :)

bride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groom

With napkins waving the party was kicked off...but before the details of some aspects of the reception:

cake and cupcakescenter piecesnapkins wavingfirst dancedancingdancing


Julie, one of the Atkinson's senior wedding coordinator had everything in line and in order and Joey Dion from Main Event Entertainment had everyone dancing throughout the night!  Congrats to Jenna & Andy as we wish the lifetime of happiness!

Jonathan & Mark - Boston - Wedding Photography


We have been very fortunate over the years to have done weddings all types of venues and locations, but never have we done a wedding at City Hall in Boston.

This story begins with Jonathan & Mark getting together 12 years ago.  I have personally know the both of them for almost as many years through family connections and have seen their relationship grow to what it is today...true love and a true family.  They have an amazing 1 year old son Noah who is as cute as they get.

2 grooms with songroom with sonson with fathers

same sex couplesame sex couplesame sex couplesame sex couplesame sex couplesame sex couplesame sex couple

We started out at Boston Common to get some family images and images with just as a couple before grabbing a taxi to City Hall.  From there you will see what 12 years of committment looks like as they say their vows.  

groom and sonsame sex weddingsame sex weddingsame sex weddingsame sex weddingsame sex weddingsame sex weddingsame sex wedding

We say congrats to you and your young family and may you both have all the happiness in the world!

describe the image

Nicole & Dan - Wachusett Village Inn - Wedding Photography


On a warm Saturday Nicole & Dan were marred at The Wachusett Village Inn, Westminster, MA.  All phases of the day were in location such as preperation, ceremony and reception. 

 rings on flowersceremony set up

Nicole had a beautiful dress and accessories to match.  The groom wore a traditional tux suit with groomsmen to match. Flower colors matched nicely with all the bridemaids dresses. Although Nicole and Dan did not do a first look (meaning seeing each other before the ceremony), they went back to back and held hands which was very sweet and some watching shed a few tears.

wedding dressbrides flowers 

bridesmaids in mirrorgroomsmen walkinggroombride and groom back to back

The wedding ceremony was traditional with an added touch of sealing a winebox with wine and 2 love letters to be opened up to 5 years later. 

 wine box with letterswedding ceremonybride and groom at alterbride and groom at alter

Some images after the ceremony :)

bride and groombride and groombridal partybride and groom

The reception was had plenty of fun that included the traditional first dance and parent dances along some fun toasts that reminded everyone of how they met and why The bride put together all of the party favors which were homemade jam...yum! Tianna, the Senior Social Sales Coordinator (say that 3 times fast ;) had everything running smoothly so congrats to our couple as we wish them a lifetime of happiness.

first dancefirst dancedetailsdetailsbride and groom

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