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Erin + Michael | Portsmouth Harbor Events Center Seacoast NH Wedding Videography

seacoast nh wedding videographer

Erin + Michael met through two of Erin's good friends. They first met in Lynchburg where Erin was going to school at the time and the rest is history!  As a couple, Erin + Michael have a really awesome core group of friends that they get to hang out with often. They go out to eat at cool places in Roanoke, go to outdoor concerts during the summer and just love to be outside when they can.

When Michael proposed, they had planned on going out and celebrating their 2 year anniversary on August 12th. At the last minute (at least Erin thought it was last minute--but Michael had it all planned) Michael asked if they could go out that Wednesday before which was August 9th. Erin agreed and thought nothing of it. She got off work and he told her that they had reservations for dinner. Erin got ready and they headed out. Michael said they were going to go up to the Mill Mountain Star (a Roanoke Virginia landmark) and halfway up the mountain he said he had a surprise and that she needed to close her eyes. When he told her to open her eyes she didn't see anything and was rather confused. They then walked up to the lookout at the mountain and he said he was going to be right back. A few minutes later his uncle tapped Erin on the shoulder and she said "what are you doing here?" She turned around even more to see her parents standing there.  She then looked up even more and ALL of their family and friends were standing around. Erin's parents stepped aside and Michael took her hand and got down on one knee.  She of course said YES!
Erin + Michael got married at the South Church in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire and had their reception at the Portsmouth Harbor Events Center.  It was such an honor to share in the day with them.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime, Mike + Zach}


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Jamie + Bobby's Wedding


Dell Lea Wedding NH Images

Jamie and Bobby were married on July 7th, with a ceremony and reception at Dell-Lea in Chichester, New Hampshire.


Bobby was Jamie’s first ever kiss! Everyone who heard that story thought it was incredibly sweet… even though after that first kiss Jamie ran away. (Everyone was young once.) Still, even after all that time apart—in which Bobby had kids of his own and Jamie pursued a life as a teacher and made some amazing friends—they were able to reconnect three years ago. And this time, no one ran away. Instead, they picked up their romance and ran with it.


Dell-Lea Wedding Photography

Even though it was a hot summer day, we enjoyed being around this beautiful blended family through the excitement before the ceremony and into the wedding and reception. It’s amazing not only to see a love story come together that has been so long in the making but to watch the different sides of their family all come together to celebrate—and eat cupcakes.


Dell-Lea has been voted the best wedding venue in New Hampshire. With its stunning mountain views, meticulously landscaped lawns and a perfect ambiance of rustic elegance, it’s not hard to see why. Jamie and Bobby had a beautiful backdrop for their “I do’s.”


We were also particularly pleased with the creative wedding photography we captured in that warm, light just before sunset. The light was amazing and framed them just right. We always try to get those perfectly-lit images in those golden, twilight hours. There’s something so special about preserving the first sunset a married couple shares as husband and wife.


Jamie & Bobby, thank you for allowing us to be part of your story. We wish you nothing but the best in your lives together with your beautiful family.

Dell Lea Wedding NH Images

Dell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH Images

Dell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH Images


Kaleena, The Wedding Planner

Greg from NRG Entertainment

Ashley from Dell Lea

Jamie + Bobby | Dell-Lea Chichester NH Wedding Videography

Dell Lea Chichester NH wedding

Jamie + Bobby first met when they were teenagers through a mutual friend and Bobby was even Jamie's first kiss. They went their separate ways, making lives of their own and then reconnected three years ago through social media.  As a couple, they like to go hunting and shooting. They also enjoy grabbing dinner with Bobby's three kids.

When Bobby proposed, it was a rainy night in November and they were hanging out at their friend's house. When they were leaving Bobby stopped Jamie at the corner of the garage, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him.  She of course said yes!
Jamie + Bobby got married on a beautiful July day surrounded by their closest family + friends at Dell-Lea in Chichester New Hampshire.  With its stunning mountain views, rock walls, beautiful ceremony lawn and perfect rustic feel, it’s not hard to see why Jamie and Bobby chose this venue.  It matched everything about their personality and lifestyle.  It was such an honor to share in the day with them.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime}


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Pam + Craig | Bedford Village Inn Wedding Videography

Bedford Village Inn wedding video

Pam + Craig met online on a website called How About We where people match through date ideas rather than scrolling through profiles (How about we...get coffee in the park, etc.). Craig thought that his account had expired until one day he received a message from Pam who was interested in getting together. After several dates it was apparent that they were a perfect match.
As a couple, they love to hike, and have started a quest to hike all of the 4000 foot peaks in New Hampshire. They also enjoy walking their dog Luke, who they rescued 2.5 years ago. They have developed a love of traveling, and have visited various states, the country of Guadeloupe, and Italy since they started dating. 

Pam + Craig got engaged on December 10, 2016. They decided to spend the afternoon in downtown Boston exploring all the Christmas decorations and activities. Craig set up a dinner reservation in the North End to celebrate their recent accomplishments at work. Secretly, he also wanted to get her close to Christopher Columbus Park where he planned to propose under the Christmas lights. After dinner they strolled over to the park where Craig got down on one knee and asked Pam to marry him. She of course said yes!
Pam + Craig got married at St. Elizabeth Seton in Bedford with a reception at the always gorgeous Bedford Village Inn.  It was such an honor to share in the day with them.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime + Matt}


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Danielle + Brett | Merrimack Valley Golf Club Wedding Videography

Merrimack Valley Golf Club wedding video

Danielle + Brett met when they swiped right (Tinder) and the rest is history!  As a couple, they love to watch sports, hang out with their dogs, eat, travel and hike.
Danielle + Brett had a beautiful day for their wedding.  We started with prep at Danielle's parents house and then headed over to All Saints Church in Haverhill for their ceremony.  It was a beautiful ceremony and they surprised their parents with a vow renewal ceremony before Danielle + Brett said their own vows.  They had a balloon release at the end of the ceremony outside of the church and then we headed over to Merrimack Valley Golf Club for the reception.  It was such an honor to share in the day with them.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime, Zach + Kevin}


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