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Sarah and Jeff | Photographing a Church Landing Wedding

Posted by Peter Clayman on Tue, May 16, 2017 @ 03:00 PM


Church Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen PhotographySarah and Jeff were married on April 22nd, with a ceremony at St. Charles Church in Laconia, NH, and a reception at Church Landing in Meredith, NH.

Samantha Captain, the lead shooter, started out the day getting ready with Sarah and her ladies, while Bruce Preston, the second shooter, was with the guys. We also shot the video for this wedding, so we were with them from start to finish—a long day, but so amazing and worth it for the love we were able to capture.

There was something magical about the venue and the way it seemed to fit these two so perfectly—both for the ceremony itself and the reception. Some of our favorite shots were in the gazebo, with the bride and groom reflected perfectly off the water and later a night shot where the two of them seemed to blend flawlessly with their surroundings. We are always lucky to have beautiful venues as well as beautiful couples, and we’re even luckier when the two coincide.

Jeff & Sarah, thank you for having us be part of your wedding. We wish you both the very best in your lives together.

Church Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen Photography

 Church Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen PhotographyChurch Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen PhotographyChurch Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen PhotographyChurch Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen PhotographyChurch Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen PhotographyChurch Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen PhotographyChurch Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen PhotographyChurch Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen PhotographyChurch Landing, New Hampshire Wedding, Peter Claymen Photography

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Omni Mt. Washington Hotel Winter Wedding Photograhy: Kristen + Scott

Posted by Peter Clayman on Fri, Mar 18, 2016 @ 04:15 PM




Mount_Washington_Wedding_Photography-3.jpgKristin & Scott were married at the end of February at one of the best spots to get married, The Omni Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH. The hotel is special to me as this is also the place that I married my amazing wife, Holly last year.  This is a story however of one mans triumph from being in the "friend zone" with Kristin to a romantic connection. I'm sure there are several people out there that would like to talk to Scott on how to do that. They are both kind and dynamic people so we are so happy for both of them. Before the ceremony our bride and groom did a first look due to daylight considerations (and wanting to get some amazing pictures outdoors). I like to do the first look in a private setting and that proved challenging as the hotel was packed with it being school vacation week as well. The ceremony was held in the conservatory, which is right next to the main lobby. The resort does such a great job making it feel like  you are worlds away from guests. One of the flower girls did a face plant right next to the bride and groom as she was walking down the isle....poor thing...but she bounced right back up. I guess at 3 years of age one can do that easily. The reception was located in the Presidential Ball Room. I always love hearing the toasts from the Maid of Honor and Best Man as you really find out some great things that make the couple special. On each table the groom placed a selfie stick for the guests to use. I had blast watching the little ones take teh selfie stick and literally run iwth it. We wish Kristin & Scott all the very best moving forward!






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NH Lakes Region Wedding Photography, Mill Falls Meredith NH: Tracy + Ryan

Posted by Holly Clayman on Tue, May 05, 2015 @ 03:54 PM

A beautiful Spring Wedding on Lake Winnipesaukee at Mill Falls. Tracy and Ryan - 4/11/15


Tracy and Ryan were married on a cold, blustery spring day at Mill Falls in Meredith NH. Lake Winnipesaukee may have been still sixty percent covered with ice, but these two high school sweethearts kept everyone warm with their loving gazes and a large crowd of friends and family that enjoyed sharing in their special day. Tracy had beautiful shades of pink roses in her bouquet. There were a few meaningful details to the flowers by Ford Flowers... The bride had a special pink breast cancer pin as a remembrance to her mother. The adorable flower girls had rose wands that sparkled! The amazing cake was by Jacques Pastries. Ceremony and Reception were in the Winnipesaukee Room. We were lucky enough to capture some amazing shots both inside and outside with gorgeous back drops!






































Photographer: NH Images

Venue: Mill Falls, Church Landing

Cake: Jacques Pastries

Flowers: Ford Flowers

DJ: Get Down Tonight Entertainment - Tommy Demers

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3 Things I learned from my blended family wedding

Posted by Peter Clayman on Fri, Apr 24, 2015 @ 10:13 PM

On Feb 21, 2015 I married the love of my life Holly and it was a packaged deal. Holly was previously married and has 2 great kids ages 5 and 7. I was previously married before and have a total of 3 kids who range in age from 6 to 15.

Blended Family Wedding Photo

Our wedding day was great, but getting there wasn't always smooth. This was not just a wedding for us, but a wedding for our whole family and we wanted to include the kids throughout the ceremony and celebration. My thoughts were as such...Will the kids get ready without a fight? Will the youngest ones going to make a scene in the middle of the ceremony...will they dump our unity sand all over the place and have a sand fight...will we get any family pictures that we could look back on and say...hey we kinda look good in pictures (especially for pictures since I am a professional photographer). The answer to all of that is that reality ended up being awesome. So through this process I have learned 3 things from my blended family wedding that I would like to share with you.

  1. Relay your thoughts, feelings and concerns to your wedding vendors. You hired professionals for a reason and they will help you keep things in check. Many times I have seen (when I am shooting a wedding) where the kids will listen to me more than a parent and it works out fine.

  2. Enjoy the day! If you enjoy the day your kids will enjoy the day and that goes for everything in life...kids will follow (whether we like it or not) the attitude that is given off by the adults.

  3. Let it go (in my best frozen singing voice)! If the kids scream, cry, barf, disobey let it go (yes all of that did happen with us)...its about the union of us as well as our families.

Blended Family Wedding Photo

Unity Sand Ceremony

Kids will be kids...but a family will always be a family!

 Bride with her daughters getting ready

Groom with the kids getting ready

kids in grey tuxedos


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My Turn - A Wedding Photographer Gets Married

Posted by Peter Clayman on Sat, Mar 07, 2015 @ 02:24 PM

So here is a story...As you all know I'm a wedding photographer...so what happens when that wedding photographer...who has shot hundreds of weddings...and has been single for a long time...gets married...and is now on the other side of the camera...that is now my story.

bride and groom 

A little background on my life (which normally I refrain from telling because quite frankly I don't think anyone really cares...aka I have an average life I guess you would say). I was married once for about 12 years...and I was very very young when I got married...I would not change anything from that experience as I have two awesome kids from that relationship (and another came along later on)...We essentially eloped and I had a friend of mine take the pictures...and although he did the best he could the reality is most of them did not come out at all (I always preach to get a pro from this experience). Holly, my now lovely wife was also married once before and has two great kids from her marriage. We met online via Match.com and the rest they say is history...and yes we are the Brady Bunch between us and 5 kids total...

 bride and groom

So here we are on our wedding day. So much planning, so much stress, with last second things to do and I am not going to document the day via photography...I am not going be creating works of art myself...through my eye...I left that task to my staff Sarah & Leah (they did an amazing job)...when Sarah came to visit me for some brief getting ready I was very self aware of what was going on...the background the images would be taken...I laid out all the important items for detail shots...and then I had to tell myself...stop it...The advise I give my couples to just enjoy the day and be in the moment I wasn't doing initially...so I stopped it...I really started to be in the moment and just enjoy being around my boys.

bride and groom  

Then came the first reveal or first look. I know virtually every aspect on how to bring the emotion of seeing your mate for the first time that day...and Leah sent me in a new direction (great job!) making me reflect back on my journey...my journey that brought me to this point...and for me the journey before that moment was full of highs and lows of which I was able to rise up when it mattered most. Holly is what mattered most and what our new life was about to become...I really thought about that and the tears started streaming down. I was about to be with my love, my partner, my friend.

 bride and groom

So now its time for the ceremony...for me its normally a series of check downs on where the bride is going to come and making sure that I am ready to photograph the ceremony...except the guests are all looking at us...frankly it was like a dream that someone took my camera away and said...its your time...its your turn at love now...you don't have to photograph it this time...this time...you are the lucky one...

 bride and groom

We really had a pretty custom ceremony for us in so many ways. First our kids made up our bridal party...my daughter Olivia was the maid of honor and my son Troy was best man. My son Hunter was ring bearer and my new step daughter Madeleine was flower girl and Cam was just plain cute holding a sign that said “here comes my mommy”...just awesome. It continues with my business partner and one of my best friends Jaime officiating the ceremony...she did such an awesome job and worked so hard to make it special for us...great job Jaime!! We wrote custom vows to each other and did a family unity sand ceremony so everyone was involved which was important to us! And finally I have witnessed Ed Charest perform so many weddings of which he always talks about the journey of life as your marriage progresses and I have always enjoyed that aspect of his ceremony...well he was kind enough the speak to us about that very topic...and it was icing on the cake...yes of course the pun was intended ;)

 bride and groom

The Omni Mount Washington Hotel is just an amazing place to have a wedding for the beauty inside and outside of the venue and we were able to get some magical shots in the snow.

 bride and groom

We had great time with our friends and family which is really what its all about. So from our amazing wedding I have a renewed appreciation for all that goes into a wedding...and I have a renewed appreciation that life is short so be in the moment with the ones that matter most...we had the most awesome photo and video people (great job Matt who filmed our wedding!) from NH Images take care of things and that gave us the freedom relax and enjoy...thank you all for your support in wishing us a lifelong with happiness.  

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