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Lauren + Ryan | A Mount Washington Hotel Wedding

Omni Mount Washington Hotel wedding photo
Lauren + Ryan were friends throughout most of high school.  He was at a different technical school but they had many mutual friends so they bumped into each other often. During Lauren's freshman year of college she was home for winter break and Ryan asked her out on a date! She was hesitant at first because she only thought of him as a good friend, but gave it a shot and it was the best decision she ever made!
As a couple, they love to hike in the White Mountains together and have hiked 26 of the NH 48 4,000 footers. They share a passion for fly fishing, both in freshwater rivers and the ocean and also have a love for craft beer and enjoy discovering new IPAs while going to different breweries. 
Ryan proposed on Christmas Eve of 2016.  Lauren didn't have a clue it was coming but everyone else knew. They have a party each year so Lauren's entire family was over, and they invited Ryan's parents as well. With the help of Lauren's sisters, he decorated her parents' wine room in the basement with candles, rose petals and a beautiful cake. Once everyone had arrived, Lauren's Dad asked her to "go downstairs to get another bottle of wine". She was confused, because there was plenty of wine upstairs. The third time he asked her, she finally went down and noticed Ryan was following her. She assumed he wanted some alone time to say hello (he had barely spoken to her the whole night). When she walked into the room and turned on the light, she was in complete shock and could not really comprehend what was happening. Then Ryan gave her a present to open.... a small box. Her hands were shaking as she opened a snow angel ornament with a gorgeous ring tied to it! Then he got down on one knee and proposed! When they went back upstairs, everyone cheered with joy and congratulated them with hugs and champagne.
Lauren + Ryan got married on August 18th surrounded by their closest family and friends at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods NH.  It was such an honor to share in the day with them.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime}


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Avery + Kevin | Monadnock Berries NH Wedding Videography

Monadnock Berries Wedding
Avery + Kevin met working at Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center when Kevin asked Avery to play hangman and tic-tac-toe with him while sitting in the hallway.  As a couple, they like to go to the gym, go for walks, go out to dinner/movies, hang out with friends, watch movies, and play games.
When Kevin proposed, they had gone out to dinner, and Kevin had planned to do it at the restaurant, however it was crowded and he knew that Avery do not like to be the center of attention. Due to this, he waited until they returned to the car after dinner.

Avery + Kevin got married surrounded by their closest family and friends at Monadnock Berries in Troy NH.  It was such an honor to share in the day with them.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime + Matt}


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Jenna + Matt | LaBelle Winery Amherst NH Wedding Video



Jenna + Matt met in 2014 during his last year at The University of Southern Maine. Jenna had graduated from UNH a few years before, and recently moved back to her Maine hometown. It was Saturday night and they were both out bar hopping with friends in Portland's Old Port. Their first "date" consisted of Matt holding Jenna's hand as they walked down Fore Street, dancing the night away, and ended with a kiss in public before they parted ways. They spent time together off and on for the remainder of the school year and when Matt went home after graduation, they decided to continue a long distance relationship. A few years later Jenna made the big move to Massachusetts permanently, along with her dog and the rest is history!

Matt has a crazy work schedule that prevents them from spending a lot of time with each other. So on the rare days that they do have together, they cherish. Jenna + Matt planned a weekend getaway to Newport, Rhode Island for some fun and R&R. Leading up to their mini vacation, Matt asked Jenna's parents for their blessing and told their families that he was going to propose. She had put so much pressure on him... "make sure if you decide to propose someday that my nails look good, I have a cute outfit on, there's someone there to take a picture..." He made an elaborate plan, but the weather didn't cooperate. It was cold and it rained off and on most of the weekend. Matt ended up proposing in front of Castle Hill Lighthouse, with the most beautiful view in the background. Jenna was in yoga pants and a sweatshirt. There was not a single person in sight. But it was still perfect. 
Jenna + Matt had a vineyard wedding on a beautiful June day at LaBelle WineryIt was such an honor to share in the day with them.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime}


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