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Jess + Andy | Alyson's Orchard Walpole NH Wedding Video

Alyson's Orchard Walpole NH Wedding 
When Jess + Andy first met, it was a cool day in late August. The forecast looked grim... hurricane Irene was approaching the New York City area with mounting speed.

Two friends were planning a little get-together for their friends in the area so no one would be alone if the hurricane knocked out power, public transportation, and fun. Guests were invited to eat, drink, and be merry while Irene did her damage.  A hurricane party!

Andy showed up with a gallon of drinking water, canned food, a flashlight, and batteries.

Jess showed up with champagne, tortilla chips, and salsa.

They do say opposites attract, right?

The rest is your typical romance story.  They took it slow for the first few months, declared love during a joint birthday party, moved into the apartment they met in, moved many more times, went to Madrid, got engaged in a castle in Dublin, and become a family of three (puppy!).
Jess + Andy had a beautiful wedding at Alyson's Orchard in Walpole NH.  The weather was not perfect much like the day they first met.  There wasn't a hurricane, however it did downpour during their ceremony.  Jess + Andy continued on with the biggest smiles and didn't let the rain dampen their spirits.  It was such an honor to share in the day with them.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film.... oh and make sure you watch until the end when Jess + Andy play their way out of the ceremony!  Enjoy!  {Jaime}


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