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Jonathan & Mark - Boston - Wedding Photography

We have been very fortunate over the years to have done weddings all types of venues and locations, but never have we done a wedding at City Hall in Boston.

This story begins with Jonathan & Mark getting together 12 years ago.  I have personally know the both of them for almost as many years through family connections and have seen their relationship grow to what it is today...true love and a true family.  They have an amazing 1 year old son Noah who is as cute as they get.

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We started out at Boston Common to get some family images and images with just as a couple before grabbing a taxi to City Hall.  From there you will see what 12 years of committment looks like as they say their vows.  

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We say congrats to you and your young family and may you both have all the happiness in the world!

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Colleen & Keiji's wedding photography

Hi Everyone,


Last Saturday we had the honor of both photographing and filming Colleen & Keiji's wedding at The New England Aquarium.  They started the day at the Lenox Hotel in the same area in which the unfortunate Boston bombings happened.  


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05.28.11 Brooke & Paul's Wedding Day Highlight Film at Meadow Creek

Meadow Creek Golf Club WeddingMemorial Day weekend was a very busy weekend for us with weddings.  On Saturday May 28th I had the pleasure of working with Brooke and Paul to capture and create their wedding film.  They got married at Meadow Creek Golf Club in Dracut, MA.  What an amazing day it was all around!  The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony and Brooke looked absolutely stunning in her gown.  We rode in golf carts to get some great shots and ended it off with the perfect sunset.  Thanks again Brooke & Paul for letting me share in such a special moment in your life!

Check out their Highlight Film below.  All my best, Jaime.

10 Ways To Improve Your Wedding Film

Hi everyone!  I hope this blog finds you well and you enjoying the recent warm weather!  As we gear up for wedding season, I wanted to share some important tips with you that can greatly improve your wedding film.  There are little things that you might not think about that can make or break a great wedding film. Here they are!

10 Ways You Can Improve Your Wedding Film

1. The Toasts.
Tell your best man/maid of honor to not only talk about you as a person, but also as you both as a couple. Have them share their thoughts on you two finding each other and getting married.

2. Warn us of upcoming events.
Cake cutting, garter/bouquet, toasts, special dances. Just a small, 5-minute warning can help us confirm that we are in the right place and the right time. Let your DJ know that he needs to make sure all your vendors are prepared for what is about to happen.  Generally we coordinate with the DJ as well, but sometimes they need an extra reminder.

3. Turn down the radio/ipod during prep.
It’s common for the girls to blast a wedding mix album while doing hair and make-up, but this can easily mask a power piece of dialog that can be used to tell your story. It also creates an awkward background noise when a cinematic soundtrack is applied later.

4. Have a first look.
Your photographer will tell you the same thing. Seeing each other before the ceremony helps you with your nerves and creates a wonderful opportunity for you two to say just say “hi”. We also view this as a opportunity to capture you two alone together which is actually a rarity, believe it or not, on your wedding day.

5. Tell your wedding party & parents that we’re coming.
Make sure they understand that we desire that everyone behaves naturally and let them know that they need to try and ignore our presence as much as possible. We want your day to unfold the same whether we are there or not.  Also let them know that we may ask them how they are feeling or if they have any funny stories they'd like to share.  

6. Exchange gifts.
Add a special moment to your day by giving each other gifts. You can have a bridesmaid/groomsmen deliver it or exchange them during your first look. It’s always fun to see how we can tie this sequence into your film.

7. Talk.
Have conversations with your family and friends. Chat about how you meet, how the proposal went, what has gone into planning this wedding, etc. Your wedding day is packed full of emotions, let everyone know how you’re feeling.

8. Don’t chew gum.
We know you’re nervous and feel the need to be busy, but please refrain from the Juicy Fruit. This goes for the wedding party too.

9. Stay together.
It’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to split up once the reception is underway. Grooms, get out there and dance with your new wife! Your wedding day is finally here, enjoy it together.

10. Consider your vows.
When it comes time to state your vows to each other remember to relax. Take a deep breath and look into one another’s eyes and deliver your words from the heart. Slow down and think about what you are saying.


And here's one of our absolute favorite toasts from a wedding we did at the end of 2010.  This toast made all the difference in the emotion of the film.

NH Images Short Form Wedding Films

Happily Ever AfterHappy New Year everyone!!  I hope this blog finds you well!  I wanted to take a moment to talk with you about wedding videography and how we stand out from some of the other wedding videographers out there. 

If you were handed a wedding video that was approximately 90 minutes in length and was edited in a documentary timeline fashion with very little creative "wow", how many times do you think you would watch it over and over again without fast forwarding through parts?  Probably only once.

Now imagine you are handed a wedding video that is 30 minutes in length that had a lot of thought and effort put into the editing to give the film a dramatic effect and mood.  Something that has that "wow" factor.  You would most likely have the tendency to watch something like this more often and show it to your friends and family.

Introducing the NH Images Cinematic Wedding Film.  At NH Images, our wedding films tell the story of your day by focusing on the sound bites of your day and mixing things up a bit in the editing.  The end result is a wedding film that will keep you watching it over and over again from start to finish and that you will want to share with your friends and family.

Here's an example of one of the wedding films we recently finished.  Enjoy!


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