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Nicole + Kelly | Castle In The Clouds | NH Wedding Videographer

Castle In The Clouds Wedding
Nicole + Kelly met online via OkCupid.  They love to travel, cook and listen to music together.  They had a beautiful wedding celebration at Castle In the Clouds on the perfect fall day.  It was such an honor to share in their day.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime + Iris}

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Jessica + Jonathan | Castle In The Clouds | NH Wedding Videographer

Castle In The Clouds Waterfall
Jessica + Jonathan  met online through Ok Cupid. The day Jessica had made the decision to leave the site, she received a message from Jonathan and decided to reply as she was intrigued. Once they started speaking with one another they simply could not stop.
As a couple, Jessica + Jonathan love to go to concerts, exploring different venues and traveling to new places.  They love spending time in Wolfeboro and spending time with their families. They also love kayaking, swimming, and particularly enjoy going for walks around their small town of Marblehead MA and enjoying the ocean. 
The amazing proposal story (as told by Jessica + Jonathan):
Jonathan arrived home from work on Friday July 3rd. Jessica's mother had offered to pick him up from work so that Jessica would have more time to clean the house in preparation of his sister coming and staying over for the fourth of July weekend. Jonathan's sister would be the first person to sleep over their house and knowing herself, Jessica had made the decision that the already cleanly house would be scrubbed from top to bottom. When Jonathan arrived home, Jessica had just stepped out of the shower and thrown on some comfy clothes and was ready to sit and enjoy the vanilla fragranced air. Jonathan seemed happy and asked if they could go to the lighthouse. He had not even set foot inside and already had stated, “Are you ready to go?” Jessica looked down at her black stretch pants and her Eagles T-shirt and replied, “Can I just throw some other clothes on?” Jonathan laughed and said of course and then stated “but we can go right?” Knowing he had been stressed during the workweek, Jessica thought going to the lighthouse might ease his mind. “Of course, just give me a few minutes and then we’ll head out” she responded. Jessica dressed herself up, and finally Jonathan, Angel (their dog) and Jessica were on their way to Chandler Hovey Park aka The Lighthouse. The parking lot was relatively full, yet we still found a spot that overlooked the water and the park. Angel jumped up with her two paws on the window, and her cold dog nose pressed against the window, tail wagging. We all were home. We stepped out from the car and made our way over to some of our favorite places. Angel prancing in front of us tail wagging and nose in the air. We found a bench apart from the other lighthouse goers, and sat down hand in hand. Jonathan looked into Jessica's eyes and said, “I really do love you Jessica.” “I know you do Hun.” “No, but I really love you and I want you to know that.” “I do, and I really love you.” He then began to speak of the time he realized that he wanted to marry Jessica. He stated, “It was when we used to go the lighthouse and talk for hours. I also knew when we moved in together.” He asked her when she knew she wanted to spend her life with him. “I knew from the first time we met. I think the one moment though that stands out though was when I was crying in the kitchen early on in our relationship and instead of telling me to stop crying or that it was stupid, you just hugged me and told me it will all be okay. I said to you, ‘it’s stupid’ and you gently tilted my chin up and your eyes locked with mine and your fingers wiped away my tears and you said, ‘if you are crying it is never stupid, you feel how you feel and I am here to help.’ I have never been treated that way by a male before and for the first time I felt protected and loved.” We both sat and talked some more about our past and Angel would hop up on the bench as she was beginning to feel left out and wanted to make sure she had some loving too. Jonathan stated that he wanted to take pictures (as he always does when we go to the lighthouse). So we got up from our bench and walked from one end of the lighthouse to another. Jessica let Jonathan walk ahead as Angel decided to roll around in the grass on multiple occasions. Finally we met each other and found another bench and sat and talked. Jonathan then said he wanted to find the best place to watch the sunset. So we headed over to the enclosed bench area, Angel rolling in the grass along the way, and found a bench in the middle that aligned with the sinking orange sun. Jessica asked Jonathan if she could look at the pictures he took (as she always does) and he passed her his phone and then got off the bench to give affection to the dog who had been waiting patiently for his attention. Jessica scrolled through the pictures of the glowing horizon and of the silhouettes of the distant shores. She then came across a picture of a heart drawn in the sand that stated “Marry Me.” She looked up quickly and then down, and swiped the picture back and then forward again, just to make sure her eyes were not playing tricks on her. As she looked up, she saw Jonathan on one knee as the glowing orange sun just kissed the sea behind him and he held out a ring box and asked, “Jessica will you marry me?” She said, “Yes” and he gently placed the ring on my finger and kissed her lips. We sat on the bench and held each other as the sun continued to set. He then ran back to the car and came back with two wine glasses that read “When one day, becomes today” and we took our first sips as fiancé and fiancee and cheered to the journey ahead of us and one day becoming today.
Jessica + Jon were married on Saturday September 16th at Castle In The Clouds.  It was such an honor to share in their day.  Enjoy the Sneak Peek film!  {Jaime}

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