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Commander's Mansion MA Wedding Videography: Elaine + John

Commanders Mansion Boston MA Wedding

Elaine and John met in a Computer Graphics class during her Senior Spring semester in 2008. At the time, they were both dating other people, but by the end of the Summer of 2008, they started dating each other.  John asked Elaine to dinner to "catch up" and they ended up talking well past the restaurant closed... but it wasn't an official "date".  Eventually, that was all cleared up and they started dating in earnest, but still don't know what their "first date" is.

John and Elaine planned a (much needed) three day weekend getaway to Montreal over Labor Day weekend in 2012.  They were going to meet after work that Friday and head straight up to Canada. Usually John is a stickler for staying on schedule. When Elaine was rushing out of work to get to her car she noticed their big squishable fox was on the front seat and in the passenger seat was a new squishable fox, Arctic Fox.  There was also a note on the steering wheel saying "READ THIS BEFORE YOU DRIVE AWAY".  The note encouraged Elaine to take her time, not to worry and that they would get dinner in the city before heading up to Canada.  John had Elaine meet where they had their "first date" "catch-up" dinner.  John proposed to Elaine outside and they spent the rest of the weekend just soaking it in before telling friends and family.

They love to be outdoors, including hiking with their dog Tiger, cooking and hosting a weekly board game night with their 100+ board game collection.

Elaine and John were married over Memorial Day Weekend at Commander's Mansion in Watertown, MA.  It was such an honor to share in their day.   Enjoy the Sneak Peek!  {Jaime + Matt}

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