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Going from DVDs to Digital

90126240_10158188044735802_6227893898518200320_nWhen we first started filming weddings close to 15 years ago, our very first wedding produced was delivered on a VHS.  Yes, a VHS.  We then quickly transitioned to DVDs and eventually BluRays as technology changed and the resolution quality of video production increased.

By the end of 2015 and early 2016, we started to notice a trend in digital delivery of films in the industry.  While we still produced DVDs and BluRays at the request of the client, about 50% of our weddings were delivered on custom wooden USB thumb drives and by the end of 2016 we were delivering films 100% digitally.



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Recently we saw a demand for our past weddings that were delivered on DVDs to be transferred over to digital so that those memories could be preserved for a lifetime.  We have always kept a master copy of all of our weddings, and are now happy to provide this as a service.  You don't need to send us your DVD to us and we can have your USB in the mail to you within one business day.

Let's preserve those memories for a lifetime and go from DVD to digital!  Contact us today!


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