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Echo Lake Inn Vermont Wedding Videography: Gillian + Jeff

Echo Lake Inn Vermont Wedding Video

Gillian + Jeff met on Match.com. Gillian was living in Portsmouth, NH, while Jeff was living in Stoneham, MA. After some emails, texts and phone calls, they decided to meet in Newburyport at the Grog. He was sitting at the bar eyes focused on the door, scanning every person as they entered trying to match Gillian's profile pic to the faces rushing in.  As Gillian entered the bar, Jeff started to get up to greet her, however as she walked in she recognized some old friends and B-lined straight past Jeff and over to their table. Jeff sat back down, sipped his drink and eagerly focused back on the door. He thought it was her, but when she basically sprinted by him he figured it wasn't. As she said goodbye to her friends she saw a guy sitting by himself and called out Jeff's name, come to find out, it was not him (The real Jeff was much cuter :) ). From the other side of the bar Jeff yelled out "I'm Jeff" . Whoops! Needless to say the rest is history. They had dinner and drinks and made a MATCH.

When Jeff proposed, it was Labor Day weekend, 80 and sunny. Abby (their adorable pup), Jeff and Gillian were hanging out at the annual WindJammer Festival in Camden ME. After an afternoon partaking in the festivities, watching the tall ships, and sampling the local cuisine Jeff suggested they get some ice cream. This was no ordinary ice cream shop. Located next to a picturesque river that empties into the Atlantic, there was a narrow foot bridge, overgrown with blossoming flowers on all sides and a few benches scattered throughout. Needless to say, it being such a wonderful day, the bridge was fairly crowded. Jeff was starting to get nervous, but Gillian couldn't tell. While secretly waiting for the bridge to empty, he began making benign comments about the size of the sunflowers and how great the ice cream is here. Gillian should have known better, as he's far from an ice cream connoisseur. A few minutes passed(which felt like an eternity to Jeff) and they made our way to the now-empty bridge. He lead Gillian and Abby to the center of the bridge and sat them down. After a little small talk about the ducks swimming below, and the warm sun our faces, Jeff stood up, turned and faced Gillian. After opening his heart, he slowly got down on one knee and reached into his pocket and asked the question she'd been waiting to hear!

Gillian + Jeff love to travel! They have been to many different places in the states and a couple different countries and each have a bucket list of more places to visit. They also love to go on adventures, like skydiving, white water rafting, camping, hiking, waterfall repelling, ziplinning, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. Jeff loves to brew beer, and this carried over to a custom beer brewed for their guests at the wedding.  And of course, they love playing with their puppy, Abbey.

Gillian + Jeff got married at Echo Lake Inn in Ludlow Vermont.  It was such an honor to share in their day.   Enjoy the Sneak Peek Wedding Film!  {Jaime}

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