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Kate + Justin | Inn at Grace Farm | VT Wedding Videographer

Inn at Grace Farm VT Wedding Video
Kate + Justin first met at the Bruins Parade in 2011, but didn't hit it off until a year later at Justin's best friends birthday party who was dating Kate's best friend at the time.  Justin left the party, and Kate locked his friend Kevin in the bathroom to get Justin's phone number!
As a couple, they love to hang out with friends in a relaxing environment, hanging by a lake outside, heading up to Vermont,etc.
When Justin proposed, he had planned to propose on Memorial Day in 2016.  Kate had made him a scrapbook for Valentines Day a few years back..."The Story of Us"... and Justin had made a page in the book at the end, with the ring attached.  However ... before he had the chance to give it to her, she got very sick and ended up in the hospital!  On the day she came home, Kate was propped up on the couch, not showered, pale, with her emergency bracelet still on her wrist, and he decided he was going to folllow through with his plans anyways!  He gave Kate the scrapbook to "help make her feel better" ... she got to the last page and was very surprised!
Kate + Justin were married at The Inn at Grace Farm in Fairfax, VT.  It was such an honor to share in their day.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime}

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