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Samantha + Kenny | International Golf Club | Boston MA Wedding Videographer

International Golf Club wedding
Samantha + Kenny grew up in the same city and Kenny is Samantha's best friend's cousin. They also went to high school together, although they were in different grades- Kenny was a senior when Sam was a freshman. It wasn't until the night before Thanksgiving, a few years after they both had graduated college, that they ran into each other at a local bar and hit it off. The rest is history :)
As a couple, Sam + Kenny are pretty laid back . They like to spend as much time as they can doing things with family and friends- going out to eat, watching movies, and love Boston sports.

When Kenny proposed it was up at his family lake house in New Hampshire.  They love going there as much as they can but hadn't been able to make it up there all fall because they had been so busy every weekend, so they decided to go the night before Christmas Eve so they could spend a night alone there. They went out to dinner and went back to the lake house to have a few drinks while wrapping gifts for their family. Kenny went out the next morning to get coffee, and when Sam came downstairs, he was sitting on the couch with her Christmas gift- it was a photo album. At the back of the album, there was a note, and he got down on one knee.  Samantha was ecstatic!
Samantha + Kenny got married at The International Golf Club in Bolton, MA in late October.  It was such an honor to share in their day.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime}

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