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Erica + Dane | A Jefferson Street Inn | Wisconsin Wedding Videography

Wausau Wisconsin wedding video
It makes me sad to be writing this blog post because it's the last one that I will be doing for this family.  I have been filming the siblings of the Hartke family for a few years now, and Erica was the last to get married.  I truly feel like a member of their family and it has been an absolute honor to be there to share in these moments with them.  But enough about me... on to Erica + Dane .....
Erica + Dane first met through a mutual friend in college. Erica's roommate was one of Dane's best friends in high school! The summer after junior year they were introduced and hit it off right from the start. Actually, before they even met face-to-face, Erica + Dane were "friends" on Snapchat and they would talk every day, sending pictures, for almost two months before actually meeting.
As a couple, they love to workout, get outside in the beautiful weather, play board games, watch movies or even just hang out. Whatever gives them quality time together :)
When Dane proposed, they had just had their baby, Allison, 5 weeks before. Dane had the idea to get professional baby pictures of Alli taken so we were at the photographer's when Dane went to go change Alli into her last outfit before a couple of family photos. She came back out wearing a onesie that said "will you marry my daddy?" And Dane got down on one knee and proposed with ring in hand and Alli in the other.
Erica + Dane were married on Saturday July 22nd at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Marathon WI and had their reception in historic downtown Wausau at The Jefferson Street Inn
 Enjoy the Sneak Peek Film!  Much love.... Jaime.

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