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Why Wedding Video Is So Important... A Bride's Point of View

I am lucky enough to have married my best friend at the beautiful  Omni Mt. Washington Hotel in February. This was a second wedding for both of us and particularly special to me because we officially combined our family. I wanted pictures to capture the day and have something to share with the children. We also had a wedding cinematic film. NH Images performed both photography and video. I had no idea what to expect on the wedding day.  I remember being able to enjoy my day and being very excited too!

blended family Mt. Washington Hotel Wedding

As many brides know, the day is a blur. I tried to take everything in and remember certain moments, but its such an emotional day. Coming back from our honeymoon we were able to view the sneak peak… All I can say is wow. I am so happy that I have this treasured movie of my wedding. Watching the video literally brought me right back to how I felt on my wedding day.

There were so many details I missed that I was able to watch on the film. These are my top reasons why I truly believe every wedding should have video…

1) The Vows- We wrote our own vows and I can listen to my husbands vows to me and hear every emotional word. Also my dad is hard of hearing, he actually missed most of the vows, and we were able to share the film with him.

2) The Details- I spent so many hours planning every tiny detail out… Pictures are great for details, but to actually see your guests enjoying your hard work is priceless.

3) The People- On your wedding day you are pulled in a million different directions. The video captured guests interacting and enjoying themselves that I missed.

4) The Unobtrusiveness- Honestly I don’t remember seeing the videographer except for maybe about 3 minutes when I was getting ready. I have no idea what kind of ninja skills they use, but it was definitely an amazing coordinated effort between the photographers and videographers. I would recommend always use the same company for photo and video. Everything was coordinated and I was not even aware of them for most of the wedding!

5)The Story- My wedding video tells a complete story of my day. Some guests and family could not attend but were able to watch the video and see all the details along with hear our personal vows to each other and see our reactions, share in our joy.


I love to pull up the video now and watch with my husband and children. It was a special day and I am so happy that I have this movie to always bring me back.

Venue: Omni Mt. Washington Hotel

Video: NH Images

Photography: NH Images

Flowers: Susanne's Weddings



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