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6.26.10 - Lauren & Matt's Mountain View Grand Wedding

Mountain View Grand Wedding JuneWho ever said that you can't have a wedding ceremony outside in the rain didn't know Lauren & Matt!  On June 26th I had the distinct pleasure of sharing in Lauren & Matt's day up at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, NH.  Such a fabulous spot, I love filming weddings there.  It was raining when it was time to have the ceremony, but Lauren and Matt still went for it outside anyways, and they got the cheering approval from all their guests.

With the help of Diana Ma Weddings, Lauren planned and designed the details of this day so perfectly.  From the awesome green color of the bridesmaids dresses, that carried through in the linens and AMAZING flower arrangements by Emily Herzig Floral Studio to the programs by Gus & Ruby Letterpress and lighting, this wedding was one for the magazines. 

Oh, and let me just say that the band Lauren & Matt chose - OUT OF THIS WORLD!!  First Class Band out of Boston, MA performed phenomenally!  The dance floor was packed the entire night.  I would highly recommend them if you're interested in a band for your reception.

Thank you to Lauren & Matt for letting me be a part of such an amazing day.  It is certainly a day that I will not forget.

All my best,

Shannon & John - An Unforgettable Mountain View Grand Wedding

Mountain View Grand Wedding

On Saturday June 5, Shannon and John got married at the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa in Whitefield, NH.  What a crazy day this way.  I started out with Shannon during bridal preparations, and she was as calm as ever.  After she got in her dress I went downstairs to the ceremony location and as I proceeded through the ballroom, the fire alarm went off.  Thankfully it was just a false alarm.  

While outside, you could see storm clouds beginning to circle the resort, with the sound of thunder and the sight of lightening bolts in the near distance.  It was very questionable if the ceremony should still take place outside.  The decision was made to go for it and wouldn't you know, just as Shannon walked down the aisle, it started to lightly rain.  And then it started to come down heavier, with large rain drops.  So, we proceeded into the ballroom and resumed the ceremony in there.

During the ceremony you could hear the rain pouring down outside and the sounds of thunder getting closer and louder.  About halfway through the ceremony, right when John was reading his vows, the skies cleared and the most spectacular double rainbow appeared in the windows right behind the bride and groom.  It was absolutely perfect.  During their formal session it started to rain again, but it was short lived.  And wouldn't you know, that they got another full rainbow for their formal pictures.

It truly was an amazing and unforgettable night.  From the unpredictability of the rain, to the rainbows, to the fantastic entrance that Shannon & John made - they kept smiling and kept calm through it all, even finding laughter in it.  I can not thank Shannon & John enough for letting me be a part of such an fantastic day. This is their highlight video.  All my best ~ Jaime.

A Video Guide to NH Images

If you ever wanted to know about NH Images Photography & Video, we have now created a handy video guide. For those parents who are paying for the wedding and have not met us (yet), this video will give you an idea of who we are both personally and professionally. For those couples who are thinking about using NH Images, this video will give you an idea of our personalities and how we operate. The video is meant to be informative and fun so if you like the video and want to see more of what we can do for you:  Email: info@nhimages.com , Call: 603.888.7204 / 603.865.7445 or click the button below to book an appointment with us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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If you love our wedding photography & video then talk to us


Hi Everyone,

I hope this blog sees you well.  I wanted to take a moment and touch upon a subject that has to do with us doing business with you.  I always tell people that you need to love our wedding photography and wedding videos.  This seems basic, but it's so important to have the right company and people documenting your very special day!

Which leads me to my main point...if you love us then lets figure out how to work together!  We have set packages that contain various hours and products, but if you are on a specific budget or are looking for something customized then simply talk to us...don't walk away assuming that we won't be able to meet your budget or provide specific products.  We will always be upfront and let you know if can work within your parameters...most times we can, but sometimes we can't.  But we both won't know unless you ask...If we click when we meet then let's keep the lines of communication open.

We have been very fortunate to be in demand, but we never want to lose sight of trying to help as many couples that we can.  We love doing weddings and we want to be as accessible as we can for you!  Give us a call if we can ever be of any help.  Thanks for reading and listening.

All my best,

5 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Day

Church Landing BrideOnce engaged, couples spend a lot of time planning for the big day and all the little details but usually in the midst of it all, some of the smallest yet most important things can get overlooked. 

1. Don't forget to eat!  - Many brides and grooms forget to eat and after a sip of Champagne find themselves a little tipsy or faint.  A light breakfast or lunch will give you that much needed energy to get through the day.  Don't forget to keep hydrated too!

2. Designate Duties.  - Have a bridesmaid or groomsman take care of last minute payments to vendors, worrying about your gift table and holding on to your personal items.  That's one less thing you'll need to worry about.

3. Something will go wrong.  - Everyone wants the perfect wedding day, and chances are that it will be.  But there is also the chance that something will go not exactly as planned.  It could be the weather, that you're 5 minutes late to the ceremony, or that something wasn't put out properly at the reception.  The important thing is to not stress over these little details and if you are prepared for something to go wrong ahead of time, then it won't seem like a big deal.  Nobody is going to know but you that something is different and the most important thing still happened.  You got married to the love of your life.

4. Say Thank You.  - Throughout the day remember to thank all of the people that helped you in planning your wedding day and your friends and family for attending.  Their love and support helped to get you to your wedding day.      

5. Enjoy Eachother!  - This day is about the two of you and your love.  Don't let any of the stressful moments of the day get in the way of that.  And when you're standing there during your vows, really look your fiance in the eyes and savor the moment.  It only happens once.

All my best,




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