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Strawbery Banke + Portsmouth Harbor Events Wedding Videography: Jaime + Dan

Strawberry Banke Portsmouth NH wedding video

When Danny and Jaime first met, Danny was teaching kindergarten and his two co-teachers were both pregnant and leaving on maternity soon. The school hired Jaime midyear to work in kindergarten. There was an instant connection. Once the school year ended, they began dating and kept it a secret from the school for two years. After getting engaged they shared their news with the school and minds were blown.

When Danny proposed, he told Jaime they were going out to dinner for her half-birthday and to celebrate the fact that Jaime had just gotten a new job as a Full Time Head Kindergarten Teacher at the school they both worked at. Danny set up pictures of important places to their relationship around the living room. As Jaime went around looking at the pictures, there was a small note explaining each picture and the important of the location in the picture to their relationship. The final picture was blank with a note from Danny saying "I am so excited for all the future brings us." At this time Danny got on one knee and proposed. The night was just beginning. They got in the car because Danny told Jaime that her dad, mom and sister were waiting at their favorite restaurant to celebrate Jaime's new job. Only Jaime's father was aware of the proposal. When they arrived at the restaurant, not only was Jaime's family there but so was her extended family, Danny's family, and their close friends. Only Jaime's father knew of the proposal. Everyone else was there to surprise Jaime to celebrate her new job. When Danny and Jaime walked in, the friends and family yelled surprise (for Jaime's job) and then Jaime returned the surprise by saying "I said yes!" Once everyone realized what had happened, they all celebrated the engagement.

They love to take trips in the New England area as well visits to wineries and breweries. They love taking drives and day trips to places and in New Hampshire, they especially enjoy taking in the views up and down 1A from Portsmouth to Hampton.  Relaxing nights out with friends, but also easy nights in watching movies or TV together are some of their other favorite past times.

Jaime and Danny had a garden ceremony at Strawbery Banke with a reception at Porstmouth Harbor Events Center.  It was such an honor to share in their day.   Enjoy the Sneak Peek Wedding Film!  {Jaime + the Zachs}

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