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When hiring a wedding videographer - why experience is so important.

waterfall castletonHi everyone, I hope this blog finds you well.  Today I would like to touch a little bit on why experience is so important when considering a wedding videographer to capture the very important moments of your day.  In the last few months I have seen and heard stories of couples hiring a videographer simply based on price and didn't really ask questions about their experience.  The end result has been a poorly produced video that misses critical moments or has bad camera handling.  Just because they say that they are acclaimed or award winning and have an extensive background and experience doesn't mean it's true.  Make sure you ask some detailed questions.

How long has the videographer been in the business?  Not only is the length of time in the industry important but also any training the videographer may have had.  At NH Images we have over 10 years of experience in the video production industry and almost 9 in the wedding industry with over 400 weddings in that time.  We also have degrees in film and video production, are members of videographer associations and attend seminars on a monthly basis to keep up with changing trends and evolving equipment. 

The most important thing that comes with experience is the ability to anticipate when something is going to happen and to act quickly on that so nothing is missed.  This can be having a eye for the tiniest details, a sense of what is happening around you even though you have your eye in the viewfinder, or to just be in the right place at the right time.  You want to know that the videographer is not going to move during a critical moment or to not be recording either.

There's also experience when it comes to equipment operation.  How well does the videographer know their own camera and do they have a back up?  What about lighting?  Does he/she know how to make split second decisions to resolve camera malfunctions?  Your entire wedding day film could be lost forever if not.

All of this can be easily determined by watching more full length video examples of the videographers work.  If they have the experience and knowledge, it will shine through in their final films. Now, I will be the first to admit that we are not the absolute best videographers out there.  We will not get hired for every wedding that we have meetings for, and that's okay.  But we do have the experience and creative eye to produce a unique wedding film that stands out from the rest and give you a precious momento of your day, without anything missed and want to make sure that you make a good decision in your hiring process.

All my best,


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