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Union Bluff Meeting House Maine Wedding Videography: Stephanie + Andrew

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Stephanie + Andrew knew each other because Andrew works with Stephanie's dad and brother as a local police officer.  One day they met at a local bar and Andrew kept asking Stephanie to go out with him.  She was playing hard to get and then one night decided she would go because "he would pay for everything", and that was the start of their relationship!

They love to go to the beach, movies, drive-ins, play with their dog, enjoy concerts and Boston sports games.  When Andrew proposed, they were on vacation in York, Maine.  He asked Stephanie to pack a sun dress because he wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary while up there since they weren't able to on the actual day. The morning of July 6th he asked her if she wanted to go to dinner at the York Harbor Inn. They decided they would spend the day at the beach and then go to dinner early. The tide came in early that day and his sister-in-law asked Stephanie if she wanted to get her nails done to "kill some time" since the beach was not an option anymore. So they went to the salon with and came home to get ready for dinner. Andrew's dad drove them to the York Harbor Inn because the parking was not ideal and his brother came along for the ride. They dropped them off out front and Andrew said, "You've got to see this really cool area over here. You can get a really great view of the ocean." Having never been to York, Stephanie thought nothing of it... and we walked over through the park across the street.  Once they got to a spot where there was a little inlet he said, "Look how beautiful it is." and Stephanie was looking out at the gorgeous view when she kept feeling something near my leg. She looked to her right and there he was down on one knee. Nervously she laughed and kept saying, "NO YOU ARE NOT". He asked and Stephanie just stood there--finally after realizing what was happening she said yes. His brother snuck around and caught the whole thing on camera from the beach.

Stephanie + Andrew had their ceremony at  Star of the Sea Church and reception at the Union Bluff Meeting House, both in York Maine.  It was such a great day to share with them!  Enjoy the Sneak Peek Wedding Film!  {Jaime}

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