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Kate + Justin | Inn at Grace Farm | VT Wedding Videographer

Inn at Grace Farm VT Wedding Video
Kate + Justin first met at the Bruins Parade in 2011, but didn't hit it off until a year later at Justin's best friends birthday party who was dating Kate's best friend at the time.  Justin left the party, and Kate locked his friend Kevin in the bathroom to get Justin's phone number!
As a couple, they love to hang out with friends in a relaxing environment, hanging by a lake outside, heading up to Vermont,etc.
When Justin proposed, he had planned to propose on Memorial Day in 2016.  Kate had made him a scrapbook for Valentines Day a few years back..."The Story of Us"... and Justin had made a page in the book at the end, with the ring attached.  However ... before he had the chance to give it to her, she got very sick and ended up in the hospital!  On the day she came home, Kate was propped up on the couch, not showered, pale, with her emergency bracelet still on her wrist, and he decided he was going to folllow through with his plans anyways!  He gave Kate the scrapbook to "help make her feel better" ... she got to the last page and was very surprised!
Kate + Justin were married at The Inn at Grace Farm in Fairfax, VT.  It was such an honor to share in their day.  Here's their Movie Trailer Film!  Enjoy!  {Jaime}

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Andrea + KC | The Taconic Hotel | VT Wedding Videographer

Taconic Hotel Vermont
Andrea + KC met at a mutual friends college graduation party in 2010. He was KCs friend from high school and Andrea's friend from college.
As a couple, Andrea + KC and are big foodies. Living in Boston they love to eat out and try new restaurants. They both enjoy going to the gym and just lounging around the house and are very in love with their Goldendoodle Sam.
When KC proposed, it was at Andrea's mother's house in Vermont 2 days before Christmas in front of both of their families. Andrea says he couldn't have timed it more perfect. Her oldest brother proposed on Christmas Eve, and her other brother proposed on Christmas Day so now all of the proposals are right in a row.
Andrea + KC were married on Saturday September 9th at  St. Pauls Roman Catholic Church in Manchester Vermont, with a reception at The Taconic Hotel.  It was such an honor to share in their day.  Enjoy the Sneak Peek film!  {Jaime, Iris + Kevin}

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Emily + Matt | Mad River Barn | VT Wedding Videography

Mad River Barn VT flower field

Emily + Matt were married this past Saturday with a ceremony and reception Mad River Barn in Waitsfield, VT.  It was a beautiful day for their ceremony in the field and reception in the newly built open air barn.

Emily + Matt met online five years ago, both on their first online date.  They met for their first date at a local restaurant to enjoy two of their favorite things, burgers and beers.  While they had never met before, they quickly learned that they had much in common.  Both had a deep love for Vermont, with Emily vacationing regularly at her family’s lakeside home in Wells just a short drive away from Chester where Matt was raised.  Both now appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, though Emily was known to be a difficult camper in her younger years.  Like Emily, Matt’s mother is a special education teacher, which led to Matt discussing his mother far more than someone should ever do on a first date.  But to Matt, Emily’s continuous laughter was a sure sign that the date was going extremely well.  He would later learn that Emily just laughs at everything.  To Emily, the date was a resounding success when Matt ordered peanut butter chocolate cake for dessert, a sure sign he was a keeper.  Not wanting the date to end, Matt suggested they drive to the beach down the street from his apartment to watch the sunset. Walking together on the beach, their conversation flowed naturally and both began to feel the connection grow.  Having thoroughly enjoyed their time together, they reluctantly ended their night with a kiss and plans for a second date in a couple days.  The very next day, Matt received a call from Emily letting him know she was on her way and would arrive shortly.  Realizing the date mix up, but not wanting to embarrass her, Matt excitedly hung up the phone and began hastily preparing for their second date… two days before it was supposed to happen.  And so the sequential dates continued, for four straight days, the chemistry abundantly clear to them both.

After four years and just as Emily had begun to question if their relationship was going to take the next step, Matt convinced her to hike the tallest mountain in Vermont… at night. On May 20th the full moon rose on a completely cloudless night, and they began their hike to the top of Mt. Mansfield. After a gruelling hike in which Matt carried not one, not two, but three separate cameras and tripods to “capture the sunrise”, they reached the summit as the faintest hint of light peeked over the horizon. Nervously pulling the ring from his pocket, Matt asked Emily to join him at the summit where he dropped to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. Their wedding day was exactly one year from the date of the proposal!

Emily + Matt are very outdoor oriented people.  Wether it's rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving or camping, they love to get out into nature.  They are also very adventurous travelers from Belize, Utah to their honeymoon in Iceland, they love action packed experiences!

With their love of Vermont, it was fitting that Emily + Matt picked a quaint venue like Mad River Barn for their wedding.  They day was filled with lots of love and laughter and personal little details.  They had a first look down the street at a covered bride, and walked through the woods to a small river and into a field of flowers for photos.  At the reception, they had a cloud background for their photo booth, a smores station around the firepit and Matt built a swing!  They even served their guests ice cream!

It was an absolute honor to share in the day with them, capturing it all on video.  We are excited to share their Sneak Peek Wedding Film with you.  Enjoy!  {Jaime}

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