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Avery + Kevin's Wedding at Monadnock Berries


Avery and Kevin were married on August 12th, with a ceremony and reception at Monadnock Berries in Troy, New Hampshire.

These two live in Virginia but came up here to have their wedding, and I’m glad they did. They picked an amazing venue that had gorgeous mountains as a backdrop, which added a feeling of grandeur to the ceremony that New Hampshire destination weddings are known for. You can’t find these backdrops in any other place!

Avery and Kevin’s Monadnock Berries Wedding

In particular, Monadnock Berries makes for a rustic, colorful setting. This farm is a pick-your-own berry farm that also brews ales and is absolutely the perfect setting for a farm wedding. With lush greenery and plenty of spots to stop and admire the view, it suited these two exactly. Because this New Hampshire wedding venue is family-owned, it also has that warmth that Avery and Kevin embody.

Avery and Kevin brought plenty of their college friends up for their wedding. It was fun to watch them interacting with that group. It’s so clear that they’re all close! Because of the nature of the venue, Avery and Kevin’s guests could pick some wild blueberries in the fields, and they all had a good time together—another good reason for their choice in venue.

Even though it was a rough week for weather, the rain held off long enough for some amazing outdoor pictures. And at the last moment, the sun broke through, painting a beautiful picture across the sky for some stunning backdrops. When the weather decides to surprise us with something that dramatic, it’s the perfect send-off for a romantic wedding day.

Thank you, Avery & Kevin, for coming to New Hampshire for your destination wedding! It was a pleasure to be your wedding photographer. I’d like to also thank Locomotion DJ and Monadnock Berries for their hospitality.











Jamie + Bobby's Wedding


Dell Lea Wedding NH Images

Jamie and Bobby were married on July 7th, with a ceremony and reception at Dell-Lea in Chichester, New Hampshire.


Bobby was Jamie’s first ever kiss! Everyone who heard that story thought it was incredibly sweet… even though after that first kiss Jamie ran away. (Everyone was young once.) Still, even after all that time apart—in which Bobby had kids of his own and Jamie pursued a life as a teacher and made some amazing friends—they were able to reconnect three years ago. And this time, no one ran away. Instead, they picked up their romance and ran with it.


Dell-Lea Wedding Photography

Even though it was a hot summer day, we enjoyed being around this beautiful blended family through the excitement before the ceremony and into the wedding and reception. It’s amazing not only to see a love story come together that has been so long in the making but to watch the different sides of their family all come together to celebrate—and eat cupcakes.


Dell-Lea has been voted the best wedding venue in New Hampshire. With its stunning mountain views, meticulously landscaped lawns and a perfect ambiance of rustic elegance, it’s not hard to see why. Jamie and Bobby had a beautiful backdrop for their “I do’s.”


We were also particularly pleased with the creative wedding photography we captured in that warm, light just before sunset. The light was amazing and framed them just right. We always try to get those perfectly-lit images in those golden, twilight hours. There’s something so special about preserving the first sunset a married couple shares as husband and wife.


Jamie & Bobby, thank you for allowing us to be part of your story. We wish you nothing but the best in your lives together with your beautiful family.

Dell Lea Wedding NH Images

Dell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH Images

Dell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH ImagesDell Lea Wedding NH Images


Kaleena, The Wedding Planner

Greg from NRG Entertainment

Ashley from Dell Lea

Kelsey + Ryan | Backyard Wedding




Backyard Wedding NH Photography

Kelsey and Ryan were married on June 16th, with a ceremony and reception at a private residence in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.

I was personally excited for this wedding, as Kelsey went to the University of Maine, which happens to be my alma mater. Having a personal connection like that honestly makes weddings more fun! Ryan went to the University of New England, but he was still fun to photograph too, of course.

Both Ryan and Kelsey have an amazing connection with their friends and family, especially because they met because of those relationships that they hold dear. They made an instant connection at a party with their family and friends, and everyone there could see it. So, as friends do, they encouraged that spark. You can bet everyone at this wedding was excited to see that love story come to fruition! This wedding party lasted late into the evening. A few of their friends even stayed over and pitched tents on the property, so that they could all have a little more time together.


Kelsey and Ryan’s Backyard Wedding

The day of the wedding was the first really warm Saturday of the year. New England weather is often unpredictable when it comes to when seasons decide to change. Not only did we get good weather, but also amazing backdrops all over the property. When we arrived to do some “getting ready” shots, we were rewarded with a gorgeous summer shoot. Kelsey and Ryan put in so much work for this backyard DIY wedding. They rebuilt a barn on the property and even had a hand-built arbor. Those details make all the difference in weddings—and they mean even more when you add in that much effort.

Everyone in the wedding looked so happy and relaxed through the afternoon. One of the benefits of a backyard wedding is the rustic feeling of intimacy that it creates. It was a beautiful day for this couple to begin the rest of their lives as husband and wife.

Kelsey & Ryan, we wish you nothing but the best in your new life together. Thank you for pulling together an amazing wedding that we won’t soon forget and, of course, thank you for having us provide your New Hampshire wedding photography! It was an honor.

Backyard Wedding NH Photography

Backyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH Photography

Backyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH PhotographyBackyard Wedding NH Photography

4 Keys & 5 Questions to hiring the right Photographer/Film Maker

So you just got engaged...congrats to you and yours! Now its time pick your wedding date and select a venue. Once those items have been squared away most people will now start working on selecting the various vendors (photo, video, DJ, band, florist, etc) that are needed. One of the first things people take care is the photography and video. So you jump online and do some quick research and schedule the face to face appointments.  

bride and groom

So many times couples have come into the studio and have said the following things to me: “your our first meeting so we don't know what to ask”, “we've never done this before (being married), so we don't know what we should ask or say”...although those are fair statements...my strong recommendation to you is be prepared to have a consultation before the actual consultation.   

4 steps to take before your consultation:

Before going into a consultation with a photographer/videographer make sure that:

1. you have seen their work and love it – from their website, Facebook and Pinterest

2. Read up on any reviews...what do other couples think of the company

3. Set a budget – What is your balance between the investment and the importance of quality work

4. Have an idea of what you are looking for in terms of coverage and final product. Are you looking to keep things basic (just the files) or are you looking for albums, canvases, etc. The more focused you are the easier it will be to find the right person or company for you.

Once your at the consultation:

5 real world questions to ask during the meeting -

1. What happens in case of an emergency? Specifically what are your emergency plans? - this is important to know the company you are dealing with has thought this out and has a logical plan. If the company doesn't have a solid plan, they may not be the right one for you.

2. If photo and video come from different companies how do you work together? - I always tell people you have 1 aisle to walk down and 1 aisle to walk back and you have at least 2 people trying to get the shot...it helps if photo and video have worked together many times and can work in harmony

3. What is your turn around time for delivering the photos and video after the wedding? - Asking this will help manage your expectations on when things are delivered.

4. Have you shot at my venue and if not please tell me how you would prepare yourself for our wedding? This will help you gain some insight into experience and planning

5. How do you manage the actual day of our wedding? What is your style for managing the day? - This will help you understand the demeanor of the person or company taking the images and does that fit your personality and get the job done.

I hope this helps you out...any questions please send me a message at pclayman@nhimages.com or call 603.566.7911. Enjoy the journey of planning for your special day :)


Nicole & David ~ Castle In The Clouds ~ Wedding Photography

Nicole & David were married at one of the most scenic places in New England, Castle In The Clouds, Moultonboro, NH.

bride and groom

This wedding was the second that we have done for the brides family as last year Nicole's sister Alicia was married and we photographed the big day :)  This wedding had a little of everything that included nice details (gingerbread cookies from the The Yum Yum Shop) to a horse and carriage to a first dance taking place on the patio overlooking a scenic vista.

We started to photograph bridal preparations at the Castle's intimate bridal suite.  We photographed many of the details that inluded the dress.  We later caught up with David getting ready to walk with his two sons up a short path that lead to the ceremony area.

wedding dressbride getting readybridegroom minglinggroom with sons

Nicole and her dad to the horse and carriage up to the main house at the top while the rest of the bridal party and family took the trolley shuttle to the ceremony site.

The ceremony was sweet that included custom vows that Nicole and David read to each other.

horse and carriagebride and dadgroom looking at bridewedding ceremonywedding ceremonybride and groom

As with tradition at Castle In The Clouds there is a group global picture taken from the balcony at the end of the ceremony.

wedding ceremony

Here were some the images taken after the ceremony of Nicole and David:

bride and groombride and groombride and groombride and groom

On our way to the reception Nicole and David took the horse and carriage:

horse and carriagebride and groom with horsehorse and carriage

The reception kicked off with the first dance on the patio which we have never done before at The Castle.

first dancefirst dance

Before everyone made their way into reception we were able to get some images of how the tables were set up with the flowers...all very beautiful:

wedding receptionhead table

After everyone settled in for a great meal catered by Hart's Turkey Farm there were speeches and toasts and dancing throughout the night. Rodyan and crew did a great job keeping things organized and we wish Nicole and David all the love and happiness that can have!

toastsreaction to toaststoastsbride and groom dancingdancingdancing


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