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Wedding Photography Testimonial: Jen and Chris

Hi Everyone,

 I hope this blog sees you well.  Jen and Chris came in today to look at albums and pics and all that good stuff.  They were married last fall in Meredith, NH (Chase House www.millfalls.com).  We took some beautiful wedding photos and had a lot of fun in the process.  I am collecting and recording testimonials of couples experience with NH Images and there will be many more to come.  If you have any questions, or would like to talk with us further, please email info@nhimages.com or call 603.888.7204.  Thanks for reading and watching.

3 Wedding Photography Tips


Hi Everyone,

I hope this blog sees you well.  We have done so many weddings over the years and here are a couple of wedding photography tips we would like to pass along:

  • Do an engagement session ahead of the wedding - We have done countless engagement sessions with couples over the years. The feedback has been about how much more relaxed they were with the whole photography process. By bonding ahead of the wedding through an engagement session we get to know you more and vice versa...and yes the pictures come out that much better!
  • Tell your family ahead of time about the photography - Family pictures are always the greatest challenge, not because they are hard to do but rather they are hard to get done. If you tell your immediate family that they are wanted in pictures you are more likely to be successful in getting all the key images that you want. I see time and time again families hunting down key members and this takes time to do.
  • Stop dancing with your drink - It's great to celebrate and it's great to have a drink. However when you look back on your pics during the reception someone will wonder who did you marry...the love of your life or someone named bud light!

Enclosed are some images from a recent engagement session.  We hope this helps out your day. 

Engagement Session PhotoEngagement Session PhotographyEngagement Announcement 

All the best,



5 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Day

Church Landing BrideOnce engaged, couples spend a lot of time planning for the big day and all the little details but usually in the midst of it all, some of the smallest yet most important things can get overlooked. 

1. Don't forget to eat!  - Many brides and grooms forget to eat and after a sip of Champagne find themselves a little tipsy or faint.  A light breakfast or lunch will give you that much needed energy to get through the day.  Don't forget to keep hydrated too!

2. Designate Duties.  - Have a bridesmaid or groomsman take care of last minute payments to vendors, worrying about your gift table and holding on to your personal items.  That's one less thing you'll need to worry about.

3. Something will go wrong.  - Everyone wants the perfect wedding day, and chances are that it will be.  But there is also the chance that something will go not exactly as planned.  It could be the weather, that you're 5 minutes late to the ceremony, or that something wasn't put out properly at the reception.  The important thing is to not stress over these little details and if you are prepared for something to go wrong ahead of time, then it won't seem like a big deal.  Nobody is going to know but you that something is different and the most important thing still happened.  You got married to the love of your life.

4. Say Thank You.  - Throughout the day remember to thank all of the people that helped you in planning your wedding day and your friends and family for attending.  Their love and support helped to get you to your wedding day.      

5. Enjoy Eachother!  - This day is about the two of you and your love.  Don't let any of the stressful moments of the day get in the way of that.  And when you're standing there during your vows, really look your fiance in the eyes and savor the moment.  It only happens once.

All my best,




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