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Mount Washington Hotel NH Wedding Video: Shannon + Justin

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Shannon + Justin met on move in weekend of their junior year at UConn in August 2009. Shannon immediately knew Justin was someone special. They became fast friends, but always with something more to their relationship. When winter break in December came, they talked on the phone for hours every night and were constantly texting throughout the day. Justin invited Shannon up for a skiing weekend at Sunday River in Maine where he taught her how to ski. After a day of skiing, Justin officially asked Shannon to be his girlfriend ( finally :) ) on January 11th 2010. They went through a long distance relationship as Justin worked on his career in Milford and while Shannon finished her doctorate at UConn. They've been living happily together in Hamden CT for the past 3 1/2 years.

When Justin proposed, Shannon left their apartment in CT for the weekend to babysit her niece Taylor up in Mass on a Friday night in January. When Shannon woke up in the morning her sister Tammy went off to work in a horrible snow storm and was hesitant to leave. Shannon assumed it was because she was waiting for roads to clear/hang out with her more! Shannon was getting ready for the day in her guest room and heard the dog bark at someone who entered the house. She assumed it was the plumber that Tammy said might come. A man (not her brother in law) came walking downstairs, Shannon again assumed it was the plumber. As he turned the corner it was their, now, best man, Justin (J-mo). Shannon was very confused, as J-mo said he was just "in the area" (about 2.5 hour drive from where he lives... or a 4 hour drive in the bad weather ). J-mo handed Shannon a note that Justin had written saying not to worry that he had everything planned and packed and that J-mo will be driving from here on out for a surprise and to trust him. Shannon was freaking out, 1 mainly because she hates being a passenger in a car and 2 because she had a feeling that this was it, the day. J-mo wouldn't say anything about where they were going but they traveled north for 6.5 hours in some pretty hazardous conditions up to Smugglers Notch VT. Once they arrived, J-mo told Shannon to go upstairs to the room to meet Justin. As Shannon opened the door to the gorgeous hotel suite, she was met with Justin who had sprinkled the floor with rose petals and laid out and a memory table set up with pictures and special items from the past 5 years together.  When Justin got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, of course she said YES!

Shannon + Justin enjoy traveling and skiing and find themselves at different ski resorts anywhere with a nice beach.  They enjoy just being outdoors whenever possible. They also love to play cards and football season and fantasy football.

Shannon + Justin had their ceremony and reception at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel on a beautiful October fall day.  The foliage was spectacular with clouds lingering on the mountains.  It was such a great day to share with them!  Enjoy the Sneak Peek Wedding Film!  {Jaime}

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Bishop Farm Lisbon NH Wedding Videography: Caitlin + Ryan

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Caitlin + Ryan met at a bar in Somerville, MA when they were both out for the night with prospective friends. Caitlin and her friends came into the bar late when there was no seating left and Ryan and his friends promptly gave them their bar stools and Ryan bought Caitlin a few rounds of her favorite beer. After that, she knew he was a keeper.

When Ryan proposed, they went up to her favorite spot on earth, The White Mountains, for the weekend to ski at Cannon Mountain. Caitlin grew up with a house in Lincoln, and skiing at Loon and Cannon and her love for the mountains have never changed. Ryan knew that and took her to the Franconia Inn for the weekend. They went on a sleigh ride in the snow and he proposed there.

Caitlin and Ryan have a 3 year old lab mix and devote a lot of their free time to her. They love the outdoors, going to the beach, being outside, going hiking, skiing, etc. They both love beer and love to go to a good brewery. Most of all, they both love being at home, relaxing, and watching a movie.

Caitlin + Ryan had their ceremony at Bishop Farm in Lisbon NH on a beautiful October fall day.  It was such a great day to share with them!  Enjoy the Sneak Peek Wedding Film!  {Jaime}

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